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It’s not moderation..It is day in and day out…

Jonathan Ross said everything in moderation—it seems like such a good idea. It “feels” right because it promotes the idea of a balanced approach to nutrition in a nice, neat, simple saying. But does it help us or hurt us?

Let’s look at the term..moderation, which is defined as: restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance. Is this really how most people act out moderation with nutrition?

For many people, moderation looks like this:

  • Day 1: A doughnut at the office
  • Day 2: A low-fat pastry with their “coffee” (meaning a couple shots of espresso in a heated milkshake of ingredients)
  • Day 3: Pizza night
  • Day 4: Cupcakes at the birthday party at the office
  • Day 5: A handful of chocolates from the candy dish
  • Day 6: A couple glasses of wine at a wine and cheese party
  • Day 7: Hot wings and a couple beers watching the game with friends

It’s been more than a week since this person had that doughnut, so those wings and beers a week later “feels” like moderation. But it isn’t. When you are eating something from the same category of non-health foods once day, it’s not a treat—it’s a habit. And your body is built on your habits. Having any type of junk food once a day isn’t moderation, it’s a lifestyle.



23 thoughts on “It’s not moderation..It is day in and day out…

  1. Jonathan Ross is not the originator of that expression Hesiod in the 7th Century BC though Jonathan probably has more clout these days! This is a great post – its a simple matter of arithmatic in the end but the reminder is good!

  2. I’m trying to lose weight I know how tough it can be but it is all a matter of making healthier choices thats how I see it. Also please can you email me on manyofus1980@gmail.com want to invite you to read my updates about life, therapy, weight loss etc, i’ve started a private group where I will post them to my subscribers. X

    • hello…how are you doing? do you have a webpage or a blog i can follow as i am very interested?? eat to lose weight (same as we did to gain it) and move/exercise. i need to do better at that myself :)…..hope to hear from you soon.

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