Back Hurts

for the last 3 days, my back has been hurting

i certainly hope it gets better….ice ice ice HELPS


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31 Responses to Back Hurts

  1. rlcarterrn says:

    You might consider acupuncture. It’s been a great help to me. I go to Essential Wellness off of Blue Ridge Rd in Raleigh. Jacob Lee is the acupuncturist I see there & he is wonderful.

  2. James says:

    Did you do anything in particular to tweak your back?

    • i remember waking up wed i think and realizing my back hurt pretty bad..i do not think i did anything dif to injure it…so started using ice right away as it has helped in the past..

      • James says:

        I hope your back feels better soon. I’ve “tweaked” my back a few times at the gym, usually doing deadlifts. It’s no fun. I’ve read the other advice here and applying ice for the first few days and then heat tends to be the way to go.

        That said, if it’s a more chronic condition, perhaps a visit to a chiropractor is in order. My wife goes twice a week, and my son, who was injured while serving in the Marine Corps, goes three times. They say it’s helping.

      • what does a chiro do exactly? is it painful?

      • James says:

        I’ve heard chiro can be painful in readjusting a person’s muscles and skeletal structure. My son says traction wipes him out, but it also is helping him function better.

      • sounds kinda painful..i had a cortisone shot yrs ago in my spine but the one in my butt yesterday HURT..dr says up to 3 days before pain relief but hope sooner

  3. Keep icing and get plenty of rest – a pillow under the knees takes pressure off back.
    Hope you are good as new real soon. xo

    • thank you… is a god send…yrs ago i hurt it bad and used heat and the dr said use ice and believe it or not, keep moving LOL even when it hurts…i am not suppose to take nsaids due to my wls but it does seem to be helping more then tylenol…just see this as a wake up call..i just hope that its not my siactic and that kept me walking w a limp for about a yr even with PT…if pain goes down back of my leg,,,i will get to dr

  4. wwwpalfitness says:

    I am glad it helps you. For most people, most back pain has the back feel worse. Nothing works for me with decades of treatments, training and protocols except strengthening it which hurts a lot more as we get older.

    • def me getting older sucks….but i am thinking also my weight hinders it also..but yrs ago,i injured my back and my dr said if i weighed 100 pounds or a 1000, if my back hurts, it hurts..and it hurts…..i blame myself for it.being fat etc….BUT i just want to get better..i feel this is a wake up call so to speak….if not better by monday, i may go to dr…ask for cortisone shot

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        I tried shots and they did not help. I have been doing core work for almost two months and it has helped a little but when it flares up it flares up. I have to do back exercises that will hurt to make it feel better. I have very little space where my weights are bc my sister is a hoarder and that hinders me being able to do many things.

      • so when it flares right??? my back has hurt my whole life..when i was young, i did gymnastics…back bends etc..i wonder if that played any role??…via mri’s yrs ago, i was told i had degen disc disease…….i hated my PT dr as he said keep moving even when hurts…and to use only ice…that works…i know my excess skin hanging on my stomach from WLS doesnt help either

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        Doing too much when younger with a bad back can hurt you later. I healed my back for the most part when young.The things I did I merely do not have the space. For you have you ever heard of bridges or hip thrusts, same thing? Those are when either using both legs you push through your feet and push your back upward, you can do them with a leg crossed over the opposite knee and get more out of it. There are also plank holds both normal ones and side planks. Doing holds is better than reps for bad backs. There are other slight exercises that help. If you tell me what kind of space and if you have any equipment I can explain and/or send you a video of other things to passively try that should help you.


      • how bout sleeping? can that affect the back? (regardless) of weight

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        Not just sleeping but lying down a lot.

      • started my p pack today…using ice and moving a bit…took another day off to rest…i want to be better….i hate this happened…def a wake up call for me

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        What do you do for work? What kind of sitting position are you in and how flexible are you? I can suggest a few things to passively try at both home and work

      • i am a desk princess…i walk to the bathroom at least once an hour and its 84 steps one way..i am fairly flexible but not at moment w/my back LOL…my 3 friends who work with me would appreciate what ever ou think could hep us stretch at work….def me

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        If you have enough room at your desk, depending on how you dress, cross your foot over the opposite knee. If you can do that without any pain, great, passively do it and occasionally lean in to it for a deeper stretch. If it hurts or you cant cross, try to merely hold your leg up a minute or two at a time and rest. Repeat it until you are able to cross. Homework is in bed cross the foot again and slowly pull the uncrossed one towards your chest and hold as long as it does not hurt. In this position without stretching you can try hip thrusts, however to start that might be too hard and I suggest uncrossed legs with your legs bent and thrust upward and uncrossed pull both legs towards your chest. That is a start. Anything specific, let me know.


  5. My friend suffers from chronic back pain and she always says ice and then heat ice and then heat and to be honest I have found that works better than just using one. Hope you feel better soon

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