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we went to see the embers last night at the local park near our house..i had wrote about it before..well, i saw a couple pictures that hub took of me and i was stunned at how old..fat..

why did i let myself become that way?
what have i done?
is hub embarrassed of me?

does the world see me as i see me?
does the world think i am nothing but a lazy fat pig?

but i am who i am
and i am the only one who can change me

we are going riding today to see a couple bands
i am not happy i am going as i dont want people
to laugh at me or feel bad for my hub because he is married to me
or laugh at him because of who he is married to..

i have a feeling its going to be a long day for me…


14 thoughts on “old…fat..ugly

  1. We all have days where we feel awful, I try to remember that how the world actually sees me does not reflect the way I see myself. Look after yourself x

  2. I learned some time ago most people are thinking about themselves and not me. Love yourself, be yourself…life is short. ❤

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