Dieting is Changing

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The face of dieting is changing. For too many years we would diet, lose the weight, the weight would come back. Today diet company’s and the diet guru’s are taking a different approach. They have finally saw the light and they know the public doesn’t believe the claims of quick weight loss and permanent weight loss any longer.

So now, the guru’s are preaching reform. Change your life and be a healthier person. Live a healthy lifestyle and you’ll lose weight. “Eat clean”, that’s the new catch phrase.

Sounds simple, ya. It’s not that easy to forget everything you were taught as a child. To learn to like different foods. We are a product of our parents and other members of our family and if we have weight problems today it might be because of the way we grew up. So now as an adult, why is it that we are…

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3 Responses to Dieting is Changing

  1. ray0369 says:

    Thank You for taking time to read my posts. Sometimes it seems like we are only writing for ourselves. I’m happy to know that another writer can get a little pleasure from my work.

  2. Osyth says:

    Great share – thank you … it is indeed an excellent read

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