Morning pills I take…

so here is my iron pill and my probiotic

its a daily do for me.


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3 Responses to Morning pills I take…

  1. wwwpalfitness says:

    I have always had issues as i do not get the needed vitamins out of my food. I have my daily vitamins and they change with the weather. Staples are two of each, magnesium, potassium and a super B complex. In the winter I add vitamin D, occasionally iron and calcium if im achy in my bones. I went with probiotics and had bad results. 🙂

    • I guess whatever supplements our doctors recommend is best..some take more and some not at all..excellent point on why you take them, not alot of people realize that aspect.

      • wwwpalfitness says:

        It was funny, I drink a lot of water daily and powerade. When I was not working out I would always feel dehydrated. I went to the hospital last fall and they said I was really bad, mind you my weight was fine. I started taking two super B complex, 2 potassium and magnesium. I went to my pcp and they said I was a little low on a couple of things. I said I am going to come in fasting, no water or vitamins, they said you are severely dehydrated. One day of missing throws me in a loop.

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