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Me today..

I am going to eat as healthy as I can
I am going to get my liquid (drink when I am thirsty)
I am going to walk..

and I am going to LIVE


5 thoughts on “Me today..

  1. Me too! Especially the drinking part – can’t get water cold enough – going through lots of ice cubes – I’m thinking about writing about body image, an area where I used to need a lot of work – now I think I’m pretty much in acceptance – not sure – we will see…
    What does LIVE look like for YOU? you got me thinking about that, too!

      • A lot of people who are trying to improve their health, especially those I’ve known who are morbidly obese or greater and trying to lose weight through nutrition and exercise, also those I’ve known who’ve been hindered by major depression and are trying to find a better and happier life – a lot of these I’ve heard say “I just want to LIVE my LIFE and be happy”. Living life happily can be different for different people. For me it would include easily being able to hike all day – for others it could be kayaking or bicycling. I was asking you what does TO LIVE look like for you? In other words what makes you feel joy? passion? Now I can’t remember exactly why I asked that, but I think I heard/read some discouragement or self-loathing and wondered what makes you happy?

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