Are you serious?

last night, i came home from a long ass day at work…and went for a walk..YES i did…and only went a block…its all i wanted to do…i could have done more but i didnt

so i told my friend what i did and they said they were disasppointed and cannot believe i only did a block? they said they remembered when i went 1 or 2 miles and look how far backward i have become now…

talk about a let down…

it has bothered me
BUT as eye candy told me, at least i walked…..

regardless of how far/how long

just do it


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4 Responses to Are you serious?

  1. Ruth Wright says:

    The way I see it, unless she is your trainer/coach/doctor etc. her judgments on your efforts in fitness are not to be credited. YOU know what YOU can do and what your body is telling you.That day your body was telling you to relax and rest…this isn’t illegal !Going on a massive run or workout session on a stressed out and tired body is damaging!
    As a PT I always advise clients to surround themselves with positive people who understand exactly what they are going through.From what I hear ,she doesn’t understand.Don’t let other people get you down.You did something when you didn’t want to.Be proud!!

  2. cherished79 says:

    Geesh, doesn’t anyone ever think of the word encouragement before saying something negative? At least you friggin went out walking, did they? 🙂

    • I have no idea…i really thought they’d go hey, glad you got out and walked BUT not is that it? thats it??…….i didnt even want too..i wanted to go home and not walk but i chose to walk……this person knows i am struggling with self doubt/insecurity and this just made me feel like total shit..
      yes i walked and it was only a block but i walked dangit.

      maybe i just need better friends

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