Sugar is an Addictive Substance

I happen to agree with this blogger 100%..please take but a moment and read this… is about SUGAR

One Small Change at a Time

From researchers, in their article written for the New York Times about their study of the addictive qualities of sugar:

Sugar is addictive. And we don’t mean addictive in that way that people talk about delicious foods. We mean addictive, literally, in the same way as drugs. And the food industry is doing everything it can to keep us hooked….Sugar stimulates brain pathways just as an opioid would, and sugar has been found to be habit-forming in people. Cravings induced by sugar are comparable to those induced by addictive drugs like cocaine and nicotine. And although other food components may also be pleasurable, sugar may be uniquely addictive in the food world.

Science is studying the addictive cycle of sugar and here is a sample paper on the findings:

Overall, this research has revealed that sugar and sweet reward can not only substitute to addictive drugs, like cocaine…

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One Response to Sugar is an Addictive Substance

  1. Yes! Good article! This has been my understanding and life experience since 1980. Though I have the information and lots of months of happy, energetic sugar-free living (in series) and way too much sickness due to sugar it is still difficult to avoid it. Sugar is ubiquitous, deadly seductive, and poison for me. There are those who do not have an addiction to it, but for those of us who do life is one long roller coaster! (my opinion and experience).

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