tight pants dont lie

to begin any task of better health, one must be honest
we can overeat in private but hey tight pants dont lie

it hurts deep to know the root of my weight problems is myself
i love food
i love to eat
i love to drink my zombie
is that so bad?
well, its not so good either haha

the person who should be supporting me is myself
sure, other peoples thoughts of me have always affected me
i let other peoples words/actions speak for how i am

the person who said those mean things to me is one that said they
are only trying to encourage me and motivate me..it hurts me..it makes
me sad, it embarrasses me…but they got a weight problem too and take 3 or 4
different pills for high blood pressure while i take no medication..i am just 5’2
and my excess pounds and saggy extra skin make me look bigger than most

it hurts to know people judge me for the outside
and esp a very good support unit does also

but what is that old saying?
if it is meant to be, its up to me?
but also if overeating in private or fast food
tight pants dont lie either


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to tight pants dont lie

  1. I love that you are writing all about this on your blog – you are courageous – you are taking a hurtful incident and making it into something positive that you are using for self-examination – all positive. I know all too well about the hurt and pain of being judged by someone who matters; I know all too well the struggle to not let what others think matter; but somehow it still has an impact. Hang in there and keep on keeping on. Growth can be painful but the path leads to joy and greater self-love.

    • well, i said i would tell it like it is…good/bad and ugly tight pants and all 🙂

      i hate i let how the world sees me affect me so..i want to say who gives a f**k what you think…..

      but the truth is i do….

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