sunday confession

yes i am overweight
yes i had lap band surgery in 2012 (my supporter said i am a failure) maybe i am
so here is my confession

yes i am overweight
yes i eat the wrong type foods (high calorie/fast food)
yes i drink to much
yes i dont hardly exercise

so to whom it may concern…..i am a failure
thanks for noticing


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12 Responses to sunday confession

  1. James says:

    Sounds like you’re having a tough time of it.

    I was just reading a lesson on humility. I liked the short and simple quote they presented:

    Between superior and nothing, I exist.

    If you’ll forgive me being “religious” for a minute, I read about Psalm 49 that man has his sojourn on earth to enhance his spiritual development and prepare for his place in the World to Come. Similarly, the underlying meaning of Psalm 111 is, while man praises God for providing for his every need so that man can do God’s will, nevertheless, man still must choose which path to follow. That’s the nature of free will.

    Certainly we all make choices, but none of them make you a success of failure unless you decide so. We all exist between superior and nothing, but the trick is to strike a balance between arrogance and self-denigration.

    Whenever I go into the weight room at my gym, no matter how well or how poorly I perform each morning, I have to keep reminding myself that the only person I’m in that room to compete against is myself.

    Whoever you are, whatever you do, regardless of your appearance or anything else about you, the only person you fail or succeed for is yourself. Your only judge is the person you see in the mirror. If she tells you that you can be better tomorrow than you are today, she’s probably right.

  2. BUT you’re my hero.

  3. We all feel like failures at certain times. But you are not powerless. Stop focusing on past failures and focus on now. Every day is a blank slate. Take advantage. I have a feeling that you say you’re a failure as an excuse to continue failing. Don’t… understanding you have a problem is half the battle. You did that. Now do something positive about it. You don’t have to change your whole life. Just one and you are being productive. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    • OMG….i so so so sooooooooooo needed to read this today..i am not (powerless) i am able to do something about my life and my health..and you are right, i am focusing on the past even though i preach i cant change it and nor can anyone else..

      but what i needed to hear/read was this:
      **I have a feeling that you say you’re a failure as an excuse to continue failing**

      your damn right..

      i soooooooo needed to read/hear this. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  4. Ok first of all, what kind of supporter is it who tells you that you are a failure? I don’t even know you and I know you are not a failure. No you’re not.

    You’re just like me. It seems we both have tried everything to lose weight. I considered gastric bypass but I was too chicken to go through with it. I was afraid I’d bust out the staples with my eating.

    I will tell you about my story though. I’ve failed every diet I tried. I tried getting a sponsor in Celebrate Recovery. She eventually told me that she could help a drug addicts but she didn’t know how to help me. How’s that for failure?

    Finally after 41 years of failed diets, weighing 241 with a failure complex, I cried out in desperatiin to God for help. To make a long story short this is how He lead me to eat: only three meals a day with no snacks and half portions. I can eat anything I want even dessert. Just only at mealtime and a half portion.
    It has been the slowest weight loss (started May 23, 2013) but it has also been the easiest weight loss. No weighing food, counting carbs, calories, or servings.

    I don’t always choose healthy foods or exercise either but I can live with this. Not dieting, lost 84 pounds.
    I also have no guilt or failures. I am a learner, not a failure.

    You are not a failure either, just a learner too. Remember failure is not falling down. Failure is refusing to get up and start over again. Praying for you, Debbie

  5. joannesisco says:

    I suspect you’ve never defined what “success” means to you …. or, your definition needs to be retooled a bit.

    Of course you will feel like a “failure” if your definition of success is to achieve the tight, slender body of a teenager. We all know that’s unattainable and you’re hurting yourself unnecessarily.

    Of course you will feel like a “failure” if you think success is eating “perfectly” every . single . day. It’s not going to happen … you’re human and life still needs to be lived.

    This “supporter” is toxic and harmful to your health. You need to take stock of this relationship and question why you are continuing to let them into your life.

    • i dont think i am courageous. i am so embarrassed of what i look like…and took steps all my adult life to make it better/right..hard to be positive when i am so disappointed in my actions..i am not sure what i think success is…maybe me weighing 100 pounds perhaps.but that will never ever happen..i will die like my mom…so damn unhappy

      you are right..i am human..i wont be perfect every day and if its pointed out to me…i get offended/hurt and then feel like a utter failure…

      the supporter hurt me terribly this past saturday
      i can forgive but i will never forget what was said and how it made me feel
      and i still feel that way today

      • joannesisco says:

        I am deeply embarrassed by how I look too. I am 50lbs overweight and have struggled everyday of my life with emotional eating.
        For years I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere because of how I looked. Then I realized I wasn’t showing up for my own life and it would be over before I had a chance it fully.
        Fat or not, I’m out there doing what I want to do. It’s often not comfortable – I feel very conspicuous – but the alternative is no longer acceptable to me.

        The people who don’t make me feel good about myself – as I am – are no longer part of my life. I don’t have room for them.
        Anyone who says they are critical “to help you”, aren’t. The only help you need is to be loved unconditionally. Accept nothing less.

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