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why you buy that flower sundress

one of my biggest supporters strikes again

its hot here in NC…i got some sundresses from the local roses store
for 10 dollars..cute/flowers…and this person said, are you getting fat
again so you have to buy these?

i def was hurt but said its because at work, we freeze to death and when
i go outside, the car is like 200 degrees from sitting in the sun..and its comfy
and is pretty, so why not

does that make me bad?
do i have to live/diet 24/7 (thinking weight loss/health etc)

i must be a total fucking failure in this persons eyes


9 thoughts on “why you buy that flower sundress

  1. People should keep their trap shut, what difference did it make to her if you bought what you bought – you’re not a failure, you can go naked if you want. What a bitch.

  2. OH my Jesus.. Tell her to F Off. Why does she worry about your life so much? she must need to get a life. I have to respond to rudeness some how. and No you don’t have nothing to prove to her or anyone else honey you are amazing and have done phenomenal . I seriously would have to bitch slap her.

    • i could never been or say anything that i knew could offend someone. i just know how i’d feel and have felt …somepeople have some nerve…

      i am wearing it whether they like it or not 🙂

  3. People suck. My mom asked what I was having for dinner, and I told her pizza. Her reply? After losing all that weight, how are you going to keep it off eating crap like that?! I am sorry there are so many jerks in the world.

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