Peanuts and Salad and Buddah

Here is me and hubby…we were waiting for our friends for dinner at Logans Roadhouse..

I had a really good small Ceasar Salad and some bread w/hot buddah (Julia Child is right…real butter is worth it)..Hub ate a loaded potato and a 22oz prime rib (raw to me) but rare to him…YUK…….this place also had peanuts in a bucket for you to eat and toss shells on floor..i did not eat any but i use to love peanuts in my diet coke when i drunk soda (over 3 yrs now since i had a soda or beer (anything w/carbonation)..we enjoyed some good company with some great people/friends of ours. (we are going with them to see Kid Rock on the 11th also)

and then we went and saw Ted 2 movie…we laughed a lot at some stupid jokes but hey, its Mark Wahlberg….enough said from my stand point


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One Response to Peanuts and Salad and Buddah

  1. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    sounds like a good day. Husband and I went to the movie too. Saw Max, heart wrenching at times but a good clean movie. funny store about Ted.. took my 12 year old granddaughter to the movie one day to see the Mediah movie.. line was so long, they sold out of tickets, I walked up and saw the teddy bear and said oh that looks good we’ll go see it… OMG it was so darn funny but so inappropriate for her.. she actually understood a lot more of it than I thought she would. Anyway I got the grandmother of the year award for that. She still remembers and laughs about it. Her parents were not so amused. I actually didn’t realize until way into it what it was. Okay then Husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse which is probably like Logan’s. I had 3 oz of sirloin, medium Rare with mushrooms, ordered a sweet potato but only took a few bites.. no peanuts, no bread.. I was full.

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