Words by Ryan..

**this is a great story/article….DEF makes you go YES I CAN**

Stop making excuses for why you can’t and figure out how you can. No single diet or exercise routine is going to work for everyone. You have to eat, so eat things that are healthy and that you enjoy. You need to work out so find routines you enjoy doing.

You cannot just simply eat less, you must modify your life to a new style that you are willing and able to live with for the rest of your life. Over time, your diet will evolve — let it. You likely can’t give up everything at one time, so gradually make your changes.

It’s important to recognize that once you achieve your weight-loss goal, you will need to maintain that by doing what you have done to get to that point. For me, getting to my goal does not mean that I can suddenly start eating chocolate cake and drinking soda for breakfast. Those of us who have struggled with our weight know that maintenance is a lifetime compromise.

Take it slow and go at your own pace.

Every pound is a victory and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Some days you may fail. We all have those days. Once you recognize that you screwed up, fix it immediately. Never, ever give up. You can do it! Above all, love and respect yourself no matter how big or how small you are. Know that you are a beautiful person inside and out because having a positive self-image helps in every aspect of your life — including your weight-loss journey.


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