lap band no no

here is my own personal list of lap band no no’s as told to me by my dr rules that i follow

(refer to your own doctor if you feel differently)

no carbonation (i stopped my diet coke/pepsi/coors light in 2012). nothing with bubbles

yup, this is dr said nothing with carbonation and i adhere to this rule 100% faithful. Why??

  • Carbonated beverages – carbonated drinks (such as soda, carbonated water, champagne) can expand the size of the pouch with gas bubbles and cause discomfort. Picture what happens when you open a soda?

i have read some posts on the BP forum, people drinking soda or beer (recently after surgery) or testing the waters (one was 5 days post op and attempting to eat solids GASP)…admit i am not an angel but i def did not test the waters nor have i had any carbonation in over 3 yrs..hub will verify that

BUT it is vital to adhere to the rules that are set in place for us to follow by the doctor. i responded to the 5 day post op who was testing waters and said to call their doctor and tell them and see what they would say;..i highly doubt that they would…

otherwise, everything else in life is fine…i have to eat slower and take smaller bites and i stop at 20 min if i am hungry still or not and for about a week now, my restriction is making me not hungry in the slightest and that is a good thing…we can eat past our band portions (about a cup of food is ideal)…but who has time to measure …i have been with band for 3+ yrs and can eyeball it but we did (me and hub) measured it all so we know now…

so this post is to say follow what your doctor advises for the best results…if you are concerned/worried/want to know an answer to a question…..ASK your doctor (not listen to some stranger on the internet)…..YOUR doctor knows your case history and is best to offer advice.

things happen…good and bad…

turn it into a yes yes

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5 Responses to lap band no no

  1. largo413 says:

    I am considering this surgery and was wondering how long you ACTUALLY had to be off of work after the surgery to heal?

  2. 爱宝 says:

    I learned this from a friend that had wls. If she wanted soda she had to let it go flat first. I don’t have wls but I watch shows on TLC and I’m like screaming at these idiots on the TV drinking soda as soon as they get home. From what my friend said… I’m basically waiting for their stomach to explode the rest of the show.

    • yes, dr said no carbonation..i do know banded patients and other WLS who do drink beer/soda but that is them..its their decisions..and we just have to deal with it…those decisions we made..i do watch those TLC shows and see myself in them…

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