What does lap band restriction feel like

right now I have 2.5 CC in my 14cc lapband (i also have plication on my stomach).

my dr said in about 2 weeks (when i had fill) i would begin to feel the fill…

now i understand what (restriction) is

i have always not been able to (eat) much due to the plication.

i have had restriction from the beginning. lost most of my weight w/o fills.

i have now have 2 fills in 3 yrs

but i can eat past my (boundaries and fullness signals) if i want too

and have this past week, i ate and i ate and i kept on eating.for the last 8 months, i have had a really hard time personal wise with 3 deaths in the immediate family one after the other and life issues and well, food tastes good when you are stressed..so i ate…no excuse.no woe is me…it was my reality…i was (full) or aka felt full and kept on even when it got uncomfy …however we know we must always STOP before its get that the feeling of being stuffed or uncomfy…picture eating a huge thanksgiving dinner and you are like…..OMGod

this is how i feel after eating a very small amount now

its pretty cool but also i admit, i am missing eating..BUT
i know since i am a volume eater, that is the only way i can lose weight so i had my WLS of choice..i had WLS to help me lose weight but i have to help the WLS also

so what does it feel like besides what i wrote above (the full) feeling

well, if i eat too fast, my chest can feel some what tight…and my left shoulder can twinge a smidge (not hurt)..but what i am experiencing the most is that my stomach feels like i am full and i am not wanting to eat…couldnt care less…someone from the BP forum named B-52 writes that is how he feels..couldnt care less/no desire…….this is exactly how i am feeling

and i am enjoying it…its new..in a couple weeks, going back to get a little more..my dr is filling me slowly..he thinks i am very nearly that sweet spot (people call green) but i prefer to call it pink spot BUT us WLS patients must eat *protein* to continue to lose weight..it is hard when you are not hungry let me tell you…but i am trying and i can tell that to me, in my words, this is what restriction feels like to me.

from Dr Simpson:

When you eat Thanksgiving dinner, you can feel stuffed. Contrast that with the sensation two hours after you eat your big meal, at that point your appetite is suppressed. It is the subtle dimming of the appetite that the band should provide. Being stuffed after a large meal is a complicated sensation of the abdominal wall stretching and a lot of gas in the bowel, in addition to feeling a diminution of appetite. You will not, and should not, feel the abdominal wall stretch with the band. You should not feel the “near nausea” and you should not feel bloated.

Key point
You should NEVER eat until you feel full. It is best to stop eating before you “feel full.” If you do eat until you feel full you will most likely be overstuffed. This leads to the universal key to success — patients who eat a small volume of food (which, if you measure, is consistent) will be successful with the band. If you want to succeed, you need to know how much you are eating, and then stop eating — it is in your control, but the band will help you — not by stopping you, but by allowing you to feel satisfied after the small volume.


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4 Responses to What does lap band restriction feel like

  1. James says:

    Please forgive me for asking, but is the band adjustable at all or is this restriction permanent? That is, once you lose a particular amount of weight, can you have the band adjusted so that you can eat more per meal or are you going to be at this level forever?

    It would seem that after a certain amount of time, a person would be “trained” to eat less as a matter of lifestyle and be able to maintain a specific, healthy weight with proper eating habits and exercise.

    • hey james…well the band will stay inside forever and the restriction i hope is perm..i have read cases of people going on vacation or something and have some fluid took out so they can eat…but i cant see myself doing that..

      people can be overly tight and i def do not want that to happen and i like to enjoy food…so i intend to stay with restriction i have and maybe a little more to top it off to assist me..but i still need to eat better and exercise. my WLS cant do it all dangit…and some expect the WLS to do everything when it doesnt

      i cant eat much now due to to plication which has made my stomach the size of a small banana and hence why i was able to lose so much so fast/so quickly.. and i am so grateful.

      but i am enjoying the feeling of not wanting to eat (as much) now…

      i love your questions, keep em coming

      • James says:

        Thanks for replying. I have a relative who may benefit from WLS but she hasn’t really tried any other method of weight loss yet (voluntarily restricting her diet and exercising) and I tend to favor the less intrusive methods for initial efforts.

        I agree, restricting food intake won’t do it all. I don’t always like holding down my calorie intake, but when I see the results on the scale and in how my clothes fit, it’s a terrific motivator. That said, my favorite part of my program isn’t restricting calories, it’s hitting the weights at the gym.

        The whole weight loss thing seems to require running at a calorie deficit, resistance training (weightlifting, resistance bands, bodyweight work), and cardio.

      • i was a yo yo……did the diet thing all my life….and if you eat junk food/fast food even with WLS, you will gain/not lose..i can vouch for it

        life is meant to live
        no depriving needed
        every so often, why not?

        when i started, i could not stand for more than 5 min as my knees/legs hurt so bad so exercise was me walking to the bathroom..yup

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