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Courage and a Hero

Courage is a fireman running into a burning building or a doctor/nurse saving a patient or someone helping an abused animal or our military going to a country not knowing if they are coming back…

Let’s keep it real as to whom is a HERO and who is courageous…


5 thoughts on “Courage and a Hero

  1. Great photo. I’m not sure there is much difference though between what the subcaptions identify as a hero and the descriptions you list of those with courage. Does it make him a hero because he lost both legs? Some of the professionals you listed under courage have also lost limbs as well. Not saying there isn’t a difference between courageous and heroic – just not sure the examples express those differences. Firefighters and nurses also go into danger with no thought of their own safety – they may perhaps be the unsung heroes.
    However all that being considered I believe our disabled and wounded vets are treated very shabbily here in this country and their benefits need to be adjusted greatly upward. Just my opinions.

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