Don’t eat Hot Dogs?…I do

I love hot dogs (i eat without the bun)

these are my favorites.

they can be pricey because here they are 5.39 per pack

per dog:

45 calories

0 fat

5g carbs

6g protein

sodium 490mg

i diced hot dog with some ketchup and some diced tomato for my lunch 🙂

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3 Responses to Don’t eat Hot Dogs?…I do

  1. says:

    Im not a big hot dog fan but I might try these just for something different.’

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  2. Reb says:

    I love hot dogs too. In my family we load them up. I love them with pickled beets, cucumber, sweet grilled onions and cheese. That’s such a good idea to have them bun-less! I’m gonna do it.

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