non-scale victories (NSV)

read some of my NSV………then think about your own NSV

and now ask yourself just how are you doing??? (yeah i thought you’d see it now)..

some NSV’s for me that i love and no longer take for granted:

having a seat belt fit properly

painting my toe nails
putting my socks on (hub use to have to do this for me)…..although he still ties my shoes 🙂

being able to reach down into washer w/o my stomach getting in the way
fitting into a bathtub and water can go around me

sitting in a chair or even laying in bed without fear of it (breaking)

walking to and from a store parking lot

fitting into a reg bathroom stall without using the handicap or turning sideways

a woman’s time of month…easier access (no other words needed)

smaller clothes and able to buy in stores in person and not online
clothes are no longer loud/circus colors
(why do clothes markers make obese/fat woman clothes so loud?)

wearing button up jeans

wearing a skirt that zips (and not having to wear elastic)

weighing less than my ole man (what a feeling that is)

knowing i can get up and go somewhere as my legs/knees will work

lower back pain nearly GONE completely

fitting in a movie theater seat with room to spare

crossing legs (WOWsie moment there)

the list goes on and on………what are some of yours??

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6 Responses to non-scale victories (NSV)

  1. Eye Candy says:

    How about the restaurant booth!! I eat out all the time and longer ask for table and chairs!!

  2. Yes it does, Carolina Girl, the list goes on and on…you already mentioned some of my bigger ones –
    to elaborate a bit:
    *No Isolating at Home for Fear my Bowels Will Need to Work – I was terrified of this because it happened to me ONCE – and the stall was too small – and I couldn’t reach myself to clean properly so stained my clothing – then worried about smell trailing me so hurried home and stayed there. Now I can go anywhere and use any facility though have yet to try plane or bus again.
    *Being able to sit next to my companion, or even strangers, in theaters without spilling over onto them.
    *Being able to cut my toenails
    *No more fear of body odors due to excessive sweating or impaired hygiene care
    *Easily moving about in yoga class, especially standing on feet and getting up and down
    *Eating without embarrassment due to being previously unable to control speed or quantities
    *No longer minding body changes due to aging and weight loss
    *Asthma nearly gone
    *Pre-Diabetes completely gone
    *Sleep Apnea gone – no more C-PAP
    *No longer do I clean out all the communal dishes like nut or candy dishes
    *No longer do I take food that doesn’t belong to me because I can’t resist – like magnet/nails
    *Less heat intolerance but also less cold tolerance
    …and I know there are even more…

  3. cbb200togo says:

    Synchronicity is a funny thing. I just published my blog entry for today and was talking about this very thing. How some goals are scale bound, but if you don’t acknowledge those that aren’t, you miss out on a lot. I even mentioned the desire to fit in a theater seat properly. While my approach to my weight problem is different from the one you have taken, I can see we share some things in common in terms of experience. Good luck to you on your path!

  4. tamratam says:

    Not painful to walk, better balance, more self confidence

  5. anonymousy says:

    My non-scale victories have actually been the most satisfying victories..and once I realized that, I stopped weighing myself so much and stopped obsessing about what that number said. Am I still overweight according to some goofy chart? Sure. But I was able to easily zip up that dress I love that I haven’t worn in a long time. I’ve seen the changes in my face and neck and even my arms. I can’t believe my arms now. I’m starting to recognize myself in the mirror again. The rest will come later.

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