things i like and some i dont

i eat off small plates (the salad ones)…it gives me the appearance of a lot food on it…as a former/retired binge eater and also a volume eater, visual is important to me

i do not and have NOT ever used baby spoons. i just think that is silly
BUT if it works, go for it…

i do not and have not ever used baby food after my WLS…my dr said we are adults and need to eat big adult people food but again, if it works…but many options to eat soft foods if you think about it…(no blender needed) if you dont have one, you really dont need one as the food options are there..but in my eyes, baby food is for babies

i do prepare ahead and have it ready
i make my lunches for the week ahead (usually tuna or chicken salad about 4 oz)
cut green beans, some carrots for snacks and all in containers that are to grab and go
i usually do this on sunday so during the week, hub puts my lunch in my bag already prepared and ready to go/eat..yes it is time consuming but its worth it…

(little baggies and little lock n lock containers or anything from dollar store will do)

love spring/summer markets and farmers markets
all the fresh veggies/fruits….now is the time to EAT
how can one say i cant eat anything…that is such bullshit
think watermelon……red big fat juicy tomatoes (me and hub tonight are having that)
the other night, we went with hubs mc on ride and we got wet as it was pouring…so we stopped at a little country store….he got 2 big fat tomatoes..we waited til my 2 day liquid fest ended and that means today…..diced tomato for me that i will dip into
mayo *he will have a mater sammich*……and that is good eating for us…

*ps, i choose NOT to eat bread, potatoes or rice/pasta* very often but i will eat if i want too …i just know there are more filling things…and once a week, i eat whatever i want for a meal…usually a mc’d kids meal of nuggets 🙂

**do what works for YOU eating/exercise wise**

trying a new item is also fun
you dont have to go to a farmers market…heck go to your local grocery store
go to the veggie/fruits..find one you never had…..and try on the web how to
cook it..and then do it..same with some different proteins..esp if you like fish…i dont eat fish (only canned tuna) but my hub does…i got him some clams…and used beer and stemmed them and well, he and kabo the doberman had a good time LOL…so this weekend, pick an item…and go for it..

*when i was leader of TOPS in GA, every week, i’d bring in an item and give to someone.
something in a can/box or from india/mexi or whatever to try and we got some decent new items to try out…some good and some just not so good…dont be afraid to eat*

*hate michael vick always/forever*

so in closing
do what works for you
BUT def keep your doctor in on the loop at all times
and def find support…if you have no one, you have YOURSELF

eat as clean as you can (fresh is best but sometimes you just dont have it or cant)
nothing from a box (processed means salt/additives etc)
drink drink and drink some more (i aim for 96+oz) somes days i do and some i dont
aim for max protein (i try to get to 75+oz per day) some days yes and some nope

and (i speak to myself here also)
just do the best you can with what you have and where you are

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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