Me at Bike Night

last night, me and hub went to a local bike night (they had a band playing) and some of our biker friends go and hang out and have a few drinks…well…hub ordered some very hot wings and he said this morning he could still feel them…OMGOSH TMI.. i said to him…and well i ordered a salad and dipped the items in the dressing i put on the side and hub said i prob ate like 6 items/pieces…

is it due to the fill? i sure hope so as i am liking the feeling i am getting..def reminds me of when i was first banded and that feeling of restriction…BUT i also (wanted) to eat/do better so i did…sure i had my zombie drink and enjoyed it…

so this is my latest picture..i always thought my face was fat YUK

but, there i am for you 🙂


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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4 Responses to Me at Bike Night

  1. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    omg girl you are so pretty. I think your fill will give you some new motivation . looking forward to hearing your progress..

  2. James says:

    Forgive me if this sounds sexist, but in my experience, women are way too hard on themselves as far as appearance goes. As your body changes, your mental image of your body may not be recognizing that fact. You might not be truly letting yourself see how much progress you have made.

    I’m glad you accepted Mary Lou’s complement because it’s true.

    • aint u sweet…i think most people with a weight issue, however i could be wrong, think way more harshly on ourselves than need it due to the world’s view of overweight people ?? look at all the fat shaming and fat people of walmart and all the sites online that have nothing but us fatties on there….and lord knows the media and stores aim for (thinness)

      on the BP forum or lap band talk, i would get hammered for saying against people saying nothing tastes as great as thin feels as i think it should say nothing tastes as great as being healthy feels

      people are thin and not healthy
      people fat are not on deaths door

      BUT i am preaching today huh LOL

      i look in the mirror and well, i cant speak what i think as children maybe reading this…

      i do crack myself up 🙂

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