hungry or head hungry?

well, after my 1cc fill on tuesday

my dr said 2 days of liquids…and yep, today i get to eat soft tonight so i am soooooo happy..

i forgot what hunger is…have you felt hungry lately? i mean REALLY hungry? and not just because its dinner time or lunch time or because someone is eating and you can see/hear it?…

before my surgery, i did 2 1/2 weeks all liquid and 2 weeks after my surgery. i found something out by doing this liquid diet thing.

i would NOT die from not eating…i am alive and breathing still.

i detoxed from soda. i haven’t had a soda or any carbonation in nearly 3 yrs. yep, i had headaches and the shakes but tylenol helped *dr okay me to use that*..and i have learned that i am ok with out drinking my beloved diet pepsi and coors light

i also learned quick what head hunger is and was…and it is real…if hub is eating chips, i want them too..if someone is eating, i want to eat too.and if i am bored or riding in car or watching a movie….regardless if i am hungry or not…that is head hunger…there is a difference yall.

i learned that by drinking something, it usually fixed the am i hungry or not issue. not always but in most of the cases or i grabbed a SF popsicle.

to be hungry for real, it means your body needs food aka nourishment…fuel to make our bodies work..gas like in a car..if it runs out of gas, it wont run..our bodies get sluggish/tired and we feel like shit…(same when you eat crappy foods all the time)…we know when we are truly hungry.

so if you are hungry and really truly hungry, then eat
but if you are eating just because….then you have to make that choice


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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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9 Responses to hungry or head hungry?

  1. Hi Carolina Girl – I read all your posts and thank you for openly sharing your experiences, thoughts and feelings since your weight loss surgery – I didn’t read any prior to that yet. There are so many common threads among all of us with overeating/obesity/food addiction/WLS issues – you are doing awesome! Keep on keeping on for you and for all of us like-journeyers. And again thank YOU!
    Blessings, Lesbianne Free

    • well thank you 🙂
      all i can control is here/today..certainly wish i could change my past but i cant so i just try (key work TRY) to stay on the mental bounds of today

      thanks for saying hey to me
      how are you

  2. jrstephens77 says:

    We’ve done that. Crave sweets, but not be hungry hungry for it. Greek yogurt fixes that real quick so we keep a good supply of it 🙂

    • i have never been able to do yogurt. i wish i could…my hub bought every kind/every flavor and i just couldnt do it…he and my doberman ate yogurt for a long time come to think of it LOL

      i crave salt sometimes…and i eat some chips or crackers…

      i read somewhere people licked stuff like this but did not eat it…odd huh

      not sure what made me think of that..

      how are you?

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