We are Fat/White and Hideous says Lilly Pulitzer

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I found this article on a website and the link above has a picture of this clothing designers office with a couple of pictures showing fat woman and some comments next to the pictures..

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its no wonder women of size dont like to shop at stores…i myself at my highest had to buy clothes online…one because i was too big to park in parking lot and walk into the store much less stand for 5 minutes…….and two it was easier to not have people looking at the fat lady

women, if you are a large person (i am now and will forever see myself as large)

try NOT to let things like this get to you. WE are beautiful no matter what size we are.

i myself struggle with this every day at work..the women i work with are smaller than me, most are way younger and well, i spend time wishing i could be them..in my mind, if i was thin (or whatever my fat mind thinks) things would be perfect…world peace, i would be happy….well we know that is a load of crap dont we?

what matters is the INSIDE

the outside matters in regards to our health…it is best to not weigh a lot to be healthier yes but we should not be punished or judged for the number on the scale or the size of the tag on our britches..but i am guilty as charged with thinking the outside only matters. it is what my mom thought and said for my young life and def made me have a warped thinking process right out of the gate…

so today…..look in the mirror and go you sexy thing…no matter what the scale says or your pants or skirt size say…so the fuck what…you are SEXY and you are GORGEOUS right now..yes you are

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7 Responses to We are Fat/White and Hideous says Lilly Pulitzer

  1. James says:

    I have no sympathy for clothing designers, especially those who design for women. They seem to live in a fantasy world where all women are supposed to be stick figures with no curves. Ignore them. The only opinion about you that counts is yours.

    • and because of that fantasy, myself and others will feel we are not ever good enough…or at least me…

      i hate my opinion of me and know i need to work on that to continue this path …but its hard let me tell you..

      • James says:

        I believe you. Self-attitudes are incredibly hard to change. Basically, we are the story we tell to ourselves about ourselves.

        I used to be incredibly intimidated using the free weight room at my gym. No one said anything, but I always felt I was being judged because I wasn’t super-muscular or couldn’t lift really heavy weights. I’m sure that was all more a reflection of my own insecurities than anything anyone was thinking about me.

        Whenever I’d have those feelings, I kept telling myself that I had as much right to be there as anyone else. That eventually worked and now I sometimes tell other people there the same thing: they have every right to be in the weight room as the rest of us.

        I know it’s not easy, but you can choose to tell yourself a new story about who you are. The trick is to keep telling yourself that new story every time the old one gets in the way.

  2. Eye Candy says:

    I reposted this on FB. I hope people stop buying her items and Target drops her.

    • thats cool eye candy…i never heard of here either and i do like target but i hope target does pull her items…i mean people have a right to think/feel/say whatever they want….me and kelly were talking about this earlier…..i cant image what my co workers would say if i posted that or something else on our walls..they’d have a cow……BUT to post that in a woman’s designer office who wants to sell clothes…..being fat people or not is just wrong wrong wrong….at least to me…

      let me know what your friends on FB say about it

  3. mjensen111 says:

    I had to repost this as well on FB. Unacceptable.

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