questions asked to me…and my answers

1. Are you satisfied with your lap band? Are you happy with the band?
Yes because it gave me mobility back. I was so large i had trouble walking and wiping my butt. hub had to put socks on me when i wore them and its on and on…
so yes, i am very happy..

2. Do you feel normal…like just living and being your normal self and don’t know it’s there?
Totally normal. Don’t know it’s there except when i go over my food size and then she lets me know quickly, hey, i am here remember.

3. Do you get used to eating little portions? Do you feel deprived?
yes i am fine with smaller portions as the band helps me eat less as i was a volume eater. deprived is what dieters feel, i do not diet.

4. I work on a team, and we eat lunch together and chat daily at work. I don’t want to tell anyone at work. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this
without them and or me having eating issues in front of them? Do you think I will be able to? What are your experiences?
i eat like everyone else, one bite at a time. dont over think it.

5. I’ve heard many people say “oh, the band is only 25% of the help…It’s really me.” I’m hoping the band is A LOT of help, not a magic wand,
a GREAT help…more than 25% else wise, what’s the point! What is your opinion/experience? How much help is the band for you?
ALL the band does for me and this is my opinion only, to help me eat less. i have to choose what to eat and to exercise or not. You can always eat round it by eating soft foods or by grazing aka snacking (which is my fave thing)

6. I need appetite suppression… Does the band actually do that? What exactly does the band do you for you? n How would you describe it?
your doctor is the best one to answer those as i can only speak for me. as i stated, it helps me eat less.

7. Looking back, do you think you could have lost your weight without the band?
sure. i did it for my entire adult life. dieted (starved) and when i started eating again guess what happened?? became a yo yo

8. I hear a lot about eating slow and small bites…I am very afraid of this! I don’t want to be a spectacle in front of others or feel weirded out and
miserable having to eat with baby spoons and pea size bites. I want to eat normal. How is this for you?
baby food and baby spoons are for babies. we are adults. we need to act like one…eat small bites (cut/prepare the food) and use a fork/spoon. stop over thinking it. i eat perfectly normal.

9. Any personal testimonies, advice or warnings?

any WLS can work and any WLS can not work. any WLS can have issues or none at all..everyone is different and will have different results. larger BMI can lose faster at the beginning (was in my case) BUT we still have to chose what we eat. 3500 calories is a pound ate or drank no matter what WLS one has..and if you take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain…no matter what WLS anyone has

advice is take these questions to your doctor
they are the one you need to get in the habit of asking for help/advice and DEF listen to what they say and then do it…no two people with whatever surgeries are the same.

all the best 🙂


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3 Responses to questions asked to me…and my answers

  1. cohencycles says:

    so thoughtful, you have much insight… and wisdom… don’t overthink it… good advice for us all.

    • i dont think i got wisdom or insight but thanks for saying it…makes me feel smart 🙂

      i just speak/write what i think…sometimes its normal and sometimes off the freeking kilter LOL

      thinking toooo much can cause doubt
      i believe that as it happens to me daily…

      • cohencycles says:

        so it seems that awareness is the first step to change, being aware of the doubt, you can think through all the reasons it is not valid… and then begin to change…. same for me, this is a rest of our life challenge, to pretend it is not, is not realistic… and sometime it really fries my cookies, however in the scheme of life, this is a workable issue! enjoy talking to you….

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