Something at my dr’s office:


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4 Responses to Something at my dr’s office:

  1. This is such a good scale! Awesome blog.

    • thank you for saying hey and def for making a nice comment…i was sitting and waiting on the dr and saw this on desk and took a picture of it….its pretty useful…

      thank you again ♥

  2. mjensen111 says:

    My brain always thinks I’m at a zero

    • me too if i (think about it)…def head hunger for me in most cases..i def learned there is a difference when i was on all liquids for 4 1/2 weeks before/after surgery…

      to see people eat
      hear a bag or box open
      to see them with a soda or drink
      and heck yeah, i wanted to also

      we can do this…we can

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