Be Truthful with yourself

the scale doesnt lie
the clothes being tighter doesnt lie
the pant not being able to be buttoned dont lie either

so be realistic
be truthful
overeating in public and in private causes the excess poundage/weight to show
up on the scale and in the clothes you wear

WE know if we eat and we KNOW what we eat
lets be truthful with ourselves today

a little martian did not climb into our mouths while we were sleeping
and toss in a pizza or a #3 from McDonalds or a bag of BBQ chips or cookies
my hub did not tie me to the harley and say eat this bag of peanuts of i will break your fingernails

WE ate because WE did

it is what it is
there is nothing wrong with eating
read that again, there is nothing wrong with eating
we would die if we did not BUT we need to change what we eat

because i cannot control myself quantity wise, i got a lap band
some one close to me said i am a failure because i dont weigh my goal weight YET
but you know what, i am better today than i was when i had WLS so i am not a failure, no matter what that person says. i am being truthful with myself.

today i am going to the dr at noon

i am getting a fluro xray as the last couple months, i have overate and chose to eat the not so good for me items (no one held a hammer to my head and said eat this or i smack you) it was ME that chose to divert off my course to better health..i want an xray to make sure my lap band is ok and that my esophagus is okay and not (stretched out) above the lap band. so i am kinda nervous about
seeing the xray and hoping that it is OK..the truth will come out in a little while on the xray.

i am also going to request a small fill
i believe i need one BUT if i dont eat better foods in the band amounts, a fill will not help me..i know this. i am being truthful with myself. i have to EAT to lose weight and i have to do what i know is right…and when i had WLS, the surgery helped me eat less..and now i need something to give me that sensation of eating less again…because i can eat more then i should or need to and i do…cant take the old fatty out and make her disappear, she is there especially when times get tough and i am looking for comfort…food always made me feel better even if only for a moments foodcasm..that is the the truth.

but the truth is i have overate, not exercised like i need to.
i am me. i am human. i am going to the dr today for him to help me.
this is what he is there for. BUT i have to help myself.

being truthful today……will start you on the way


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12 Responses to Be Truthful with yourself

  1. lizholtzinger says:

    i think it is human to mess up every now and again. i do the same thing that you do– i fall off the wagon sometimes and just eat a bunch of shit foods that i know i shouldn’t, but just do. Sometimes, I eat that crap food for sake of convenience, and sometimes it’s ust coz I WANT the greasy burger and fries from Burger King. It is what it is. I think you’re right, though, that we must be truthful to ourselves. No one held a gun to my head, either, when I ate that shit food. I did it myself. And I’m the only one who can make better choices for myself too. But, just like you, I’m human, and we humans have a tendency to f#$k up. 🙂 I hope your appointment went well. Keep on truckin!!!

  2. James says:

    When my wife and daughter were out of town, I “relaxed” my eating habits, and then I had to travel to Portland for several days where I didn’t have exact control over when, where, and what I ate. Suffice it to say, I picked up a few pounds that I had worked slavishly hard to shed. I was pretty disappointed.

    Fortunately, I got back on the wagon, so to speak, started eating more sensibly and started my new workout routine which is designed to burn calories like a forest fire burns trees. I’m back down to within a pound of my lightest weight (so far) and hoping to keep up (or rather down) the trend.

    Hang in there. We’re human. One of the best tools you’ll ever have in your journey to build a better “you” is your ability to forgive yourself and start each day as if it were the first day of creation.

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Great read!! I am one of those people who will lie to myself, my family my boyfriend to everyone about what I have or haven’t ate! Really need to start being truthful in relation to food and exercise 😦

    • when i was in tops (take off pounds sensibly)….our pledge that we said was (what we overeat in private) is there for the world to see (via weight/size etc)…and its true…i am guilty as charged..

      we can lie to all the world and even ourselves BUT pants that dont button or got tigher dont…

      hang in there okay.
      you got this

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