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the dr told me something i wanted to share

sometimes we forget….after a long pep talk and a re-connection if you will, he said something that i felt is and and has been important all along..dont do everything at once..

say you are off track and getting back on (today or tomorrow or right now or whenever) just go small..dont do everything (changes at once). this week, eat better…..then next week, walk and then the next week do something else to help..

as we all know, it did not happen overnight…us getting fat/obese or in my case, super morbid obese..

so if you (and i am talking to ME) are ready, then lets refresh




below is my lunch:

3 oz green beans

3 oz shredded chicken breast w/mayo (i need to change my name to chicken salad)

and some applesauce (yep i like the strawberry flavor)


6 thoughts on “Basics

  1. So, so true! As I like to tell myself, you have to set yourself up for success. And for me, as for most people, that means making small changes over time. Drastically changing everything almost always means inevitable failure. But small changes over time can lead to big changes in the long run. I’ve seen this so many times in my own life but I still have to remind myself of it from time to time.

  2. Your doctor is so correct… take it day-by-day… step-by-step… meal by meal so u won’t get overwhelmed. Keep trying every single day and u will succeed. Brïdgêtté 🐛

    • yes mam…thanks so much for writing me. step by step, meal by meal, hour by hour..and if i do…..if we do…..it can happen and is better health, or better mobility or whatever we are striving for…

    • thank you 🙂
      if we just do what we can…what what we have at wherever physical we are, and do it daily for best results, we can get there..its not about how long it will take but when we eventually get there

      at least that is how see it

      little changes add up to big results.

      keep moving one step at at time
      we can … ♥

      • exactly! In December I decided I needed to lose some fat off my belly. When I gain weight, like most guys, my stomach and face gets bigger. I decided to change my lifestyle and eat healthy forever. I made weight loss a secondary thought. I was 192 then and last Monday I was 172. Just focused on one day at a time. You can do it, I believe!!

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