Thong Thursday

well, i took wed off as i just needed some (me) time…away from work, away from hub and just wanted to lay out in the sun and read and drink zombie which is exactly what i did…and loved every dangum second of it..

UPDATE…it was my hub who unfriended that so called friend of mine on FB..i said why and he said she wasnt my/our friend anyhow so who cares..i so wish i could think like him and have that F YOU and F OFF attitude.. our friend graduated from nursing school recently and they had family gathering over there last night and we all went..anyhow that person was there and i felt ok with just saying hey and how are you to her and then bye and see you later when i left..but i wont be over friendly to her….mainly because she flat out lied about me to people and gosh knows what else she said about me that i told her in confidence…i know she told the person things that i thought were in confidence…so i really do not care for her at all…but my hub likes her hub and that is a ok…..

well, lets see..i am doing okay…trying not to over think shit..i tend to do that often and a lot..i always always think the worst and negative…and i need to just stop…why cant i treat myself like i would treat my friends or someone who needed my support. i would not talk or speak to anyone like i do myself

so today….i am just (being) and you know what, i am okay..


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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