Mothers Day/Flea Market and Rain

well, my weekend went (okay)
hope yours did also

the only exciting thing i did was get my hair colored on saturday
hub went to a bike thing (i would have went but my appt was at same time)
anyhow, good thing i did not as this tropical storm ana brought in a bunch of rain
on sat afternoon and he was drenched when he got home…he was wringing out his socks/shirt etc..i dont think i ever saw him that wet from a ride before…and no, he not take his rain suit..dumb butt as it was sunny when he left to go..

mothers day we went and saw his mom at the nursing home and brought here some bbq she wanted…for someone who says she doesnt eat the food, this woman has snacks of all kinds, cookies, chips, candy everywhere..its no wonder she doesnt eat the food they make her..just my thoughts on that subject. but she is doing okay..we stayed there a couple hours..hub goes just about every day after work as he is so near..

after that we went to the flea market here in raleigh…its very big and outdoor. it wasnt very crowded and not many vendors outside (prob weather/rainy and it being mothers day)..but we walked around a bit..he got me some cheese from the amish bakery that is sooooooo good and he also got me a new pink/purple knife with a dragon on it…

i still am (down) if you will
thankfully mother nature finished with me and left me in tatters with my emotions
i am still painfully aware of the words that were said to me last week…and while each day
i get (better in regards to putting it behind me), the hurt i felt still rests on my shoulders..everytime i say/think/do, i wonder am i really a failure? sure i sound like i am whining but this is me…a very insecure person..and i take things that are said to me (not in jest) to the heart
and if that person thought that, does everyone else?

i grew up being (taught) it matters what people think
i owe that to my mother..and yes time eases the pain some things are just hard to forget.

so today is monday…
raining again (i love the rain and storms and stuff)

counting the minutes til i can be off/done with work for today


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