I wonder if this is true


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5 Responses to I wonder if this is true

  1. stronghealthyvibrant says:

    I love it. Always strive to be your best self, rather than to be someone else.

  2. sleevedmama says:

    I’m really trying to work on this for myself. I’m not there yet. I’m terrified that my weight loss surgery isn’t going to work and I know either way, I’m not going to magically turn into a super model. I’m trying to find ways to be comfortable in the skin that I’m in, but I want to be healthy in the end. I don’t need to be skinny or drop dead beautiful, but I want more energy and to reduce the risk of my family’s ongoing cancer.

    • we have to do this for us…i also know i will not be 100 pounds or a playboy model but i will be more healthy..and that is what matters…but in this world of tv/instagram and the like, sometimes me seeing people, i wish i could be like them instead of me..WLS will work and it can work…YOU believe in YOU….go day by day…hour by hour if need to..

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