what are you eating??

what are you eating today?

for breakfast, i had me some (tuna)…yes, you read that correctly. i had tuna
it was what i wanted and so i ate it..and it has the all important protein.

lunch i just finished some ceasar salad and a couple bites of an apple
thanks to my WLS i am full on a small amount..BUT boy that little amount
makes me feel (full)…

tonight, i plan on having some beef (to add more protein)

so after my coming to jesus call out moment, i realized that while i was
socked in the mouth at the surprise attack, it also jolted me. i knew that
i was not doing as well as i should or could be and well, that kinda made me
rethink things..

and the out pouring of love/comments/emails from my peeps (you if you are reading this and reached out to me) has made me think that maybe i am not a total failure after all..
i thank everyone who took a moment out of their busy/hectic lives to write short/fat/tattoo’d but tanned me 🙂

so as for my rethinking
it is back to the basics

protein and i am aiming for 70+ per day
veggies and some fruit (we all know fresh is better) but we can make choices
and def stay hydrated and then the all important..move my ass

i cant change what my ears heard
i cant change how i feel right now (sad and very emotional)
but i can change what i eat/drink to benefit me.

i may not be there (yet) but i sure am closer than i was yesterday

here is a picture of me from this past sunday…I am on the left, my friend P in middle and my hub

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10 Responses to what are you eating??

  1. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    You Got This Girl. You know everyone has times when they just get tired of worrying about it. I know I hit a wall at 2 years. I stopped doing what I needed to do. I finally realized that this was all up to me and I had to continue on. I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK … And I know you don’t either. You are such a inspiration to so many but don’t carry that burden too far. Finish what you need to and get on with your life. Your Husband and your son and grandbaby needs you. Love always

  2. coversaralea says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts! You are so inspirational, and such a positive person. It helps to keep the rest of us motivated! I wanted to ask, have you heard of fitnessblender.com? I found out about it a few months ago. Free workouts online, and there’s so many to choose from. It’s a husband/wife team, and they offer up workouts that are free and get the job done. I’ve been trying them out here and there. Good luck to you on your journey; excited to hear more from you!

  3. houseocdfan says:

    You Go Girl!! don’t let them get you down, you are a far better person than they are inside and out. Glad that you have picked up abit, didn’t get chance to comment on your earlier posts. I love reading you blogs they keep me going, we all take strength & inspiration from different places and we all struggle from time to time, but we *the peeps that read your blog* are all on the same journey but in different ways. Keep up the good work, look forward to the next one 🙂

  4. dray0308 says:

    I am glad to read you are in better spirits!! And I also had tuna today at lunch…and it was delicious!

  5. ~JO says:

    Hey, read a couple of your last posts and here is what I think – that person made you feel small and question your beliefs. She succeeded in making you doubt yourself. Never ever ever doubt yourself. You are your own protector when it comes to people like this. Ignore her ramblings. Protect your dreams and your aspirations. Do what feels good. Your blog is an amazing repository of great information – that you have put together so lovingly over time. And as someone else also pointed out, see how many people hear you and follow you. 🙂 Remove toxic people from your life and embrace positivity. That person will get what she deserves. You know what they say ‘Karma is a *****’ 😀
    ENjoy life and be happy always.

    • yes..they succeeded in making me doubt myself..and def made me rethink who i was in the my weight loss journey and that just because i gained some weight back, that i was/am a failure…and on top of that, me trying to not let a former/so called friend get to me…i mean lying about me to other people and telling others things i spoke in confidence..i mean i have had a lot of stress..sounds pitiful compared to others and their issues, but it is my world at present..NOT to mention my hubs issues with a very sick mother and his dad passing recently…and well, the shit list keeps on growing…

      do what feels good and works for me. that is what we all need/should/have to do huh? you are so right on JO…thanks for taking time out to give me this …i needed to read your words…

      remove the toxic people…i will try to do this as it spreads neg on me when i am around them and that would prob make them happy to know i was troubled so…now that she is around other (friends) i can only hope they show her what a real friend..and maybe she will learn OR like you said, it will come back around and she will get what she deserves…..

      enjoy life
      be happy

      that is AWESOME
      i may steal your words GF
      watch out and love me if and when i do

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