thinking too much 2day

i heard somewhere that a fat person writing a blog to help with weight loss or getting healthy is a that what i am?

now that i was told i am a failure and yes my low self esteem/non existent insecurity has now led me to think, maybe i am way off kilter to have a blog..but i like posting stuff. sometimes its pictures or quotes or me that wrong?

is it wrong to be fat? hell no..but damn, what merely words spoke to me 24 hours
ago have done to me in that short amount of time.

i am not advising people of anything as i am not a doctor or nurse or counselor
but i am a real person. i am 49, short, fat/pudgy, saggy skin due to weight loss, highly
hormonal due to TOM presently and having a majorly bad fucking day.

BUT i am not feeling sorry for myself
it is what it is and i am who i am right this very moment

so if you do read my stuff, thanks


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13 Responses to thinking too much 2day

  1. portlygent says:

    When I first read the comment (fat people shouldn’t blog about weight loss) I thought “idiot”. After an hour reflection I think “ignorant idiot”.

    Some skinny jinny can’t really advise me on losing weight as what do they know about it? If they have never been fat, they are quoting theory or speculation. If they have lost weight then why not a fat person? After all, the fat person was probably fatter in the past.

    You keep blogging, you do it for your own interest. Ignore the negative people, they don’t need encouraging!

    • i cant recall where i read it, but it mentioned fat people should not be writing a (how to lose weight thing) and other people w/issues..something about calling kettle black) and it stuck with me esp yesterday when i was (and stillsomewhat) down…..thank you for writing me a very nice post..

  2. Braveheart. says:

    DoNot feel sorry for yourself..You are gorgeous and beautiful! However you are.

    • i was/am feeling sorry for myself wasnt i?? maybe even just some more today…time to end the pity party huh? LOL….thank you for saying i am beautiful and gorgeous. i certainly dont feel that way nor do i believe that….but i am what i am today…right now….i just need to believe it is (enough). thank you for writing me 🙂

  3. joannesisco says:

    Dear BCG – 366 people came to your site and registered to receive your posts. Your blog has been viewed almost 12,000 times. That alone should tell the nay-sayers that blogging about the journey to a healthier lifestyle is NOT A JOKE … that doesn’t even begin to consider how much more empowered blogging makes YOU feel.

    There are so many people struggling with their weight for many different reasons – myself included – a kind voice in the blogosphere that re-enforces that we are worth the effort is NOT A JOKE.

    Non-bloggers don’t get it. They don’t understand the community and they are prepared to be condescending to what they don’t get. It’s their loss.

    {Virtual Hug}

  4. stronghealthyvibrant says:

    I think you are brave and strong documenting your journey. You need to do whatever feels right.

    • me brave? me strong? WOW, those are powerful words from a very nice person. i do not see myself as that…you would have to cover your ears if i told you what i really thought of myself 🙂 but thank you for the sweet words to me. i am not sure what feels right..i seem to have lost my belief in myself….being told i failed something really has thrown me..but i am trying…at least for the last 2 days i have been..

  5. Guru Singh says:

    You are what you are! Don’t let anyone get you down! Love and hugs from across the pond x

  6. I appreciate reading other blogs about people going through a weight loss journey. We have all had different experiences and have all faced challenges. I think if we can share these experiences it will help others who are going through the same thing. I like your blog, keep writing!

    • i told myself when i started to blog that i would not sugar coat or bs but tell it like it is happening to me…so far, its not candy and lately its like pretzel sticks LOL hope to hear from you more and enjoy keeping up with you

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