bloated, crampy, bitchy, tired

so how goes it today?

i am doing okay..mother nature is paying me a visit and needless to say my hub and coworkers and clients are feeling the wrath of a pre-meno-pms woman this week..since i am getting older, my TOM tends to come and go when it wants too and me going WTF is going on..i do also know that maybe, just maybe it will go away and never ever come back…i can only hope…all i know is i am bloated, crampy, bitchy, tired, lower back hurts and its only Tuesday..

i hope that today is a good day
it is what we make it..i would rather be off, laying in bed,
wrapped in cozy warm/soft sheets with kabo the doberman laying at
the foot of my bed while judge judy plays on the tv in the background.
and then snoozing away the day..and the sun is also out…so i would wander out to the yard and sit in the sun and cramp outside LOL

reading what i wrote, you must think i am mad
no, just at work, wishing i wasnt…and wishing my tummy/TOM would
simply go away..and with those symptoms in my title gone, i could have somewhat of an enjoyable day..

BUT…no matter what, i will try to smile when i answer the phone and in dealing with people in the office..who knows, maybe i will go home early today…i do have sick time and i dont feel very well …i know, there are worse people off then me and my stuck up self but right now i am experiencing my own pity party…

as doc holiday said in the movie tombstone..on rides the mail…

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