I came across this blog post and just had to share. …wow–very powerful

Elizabeth's Journey To Success

I know everyone has done this and I too am guilty of this way of thinking…

I will start that new diet….tomorrow, Monday, at the start of the month, when the New Year starts.

I think for me to have the perfect day to start a new diet or new weight loss attempt, it would have to be the start of a new month, new week, and New Year all at once! 2017! I have checked! 

But if you want to get started on this, if you are thinking about it NOW, you should start focusing on it and planning and working at your weight loss NOW. You need to get a planner and write out your goals.  You need to find new recipes, healthier recipes and go grocery shopping for better choices. You need to start planning your exercises.  That way, when you wake up tomorrow, you can start fresh…

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