be honest

have you thought you did bad today? eating or not exercising?
ask yourself if you did? answer honestly.
because being HONEST with yourself is what matters/counts

the scale wont lie and the clothes being tighter dont lie. claiming to only eat lettuce and weighing nearly 350 pounds is serving NO purpose and only hurts you in the end.

so today, how did you eat?

was it processed?

was it clean eating?

was it good for you/healthy? (did you eat a dozen eggs or just have one?..did you eat 1 piece of bacon or 1/2 pound? if you ate cereal did you use fat free milk or 2%)

did you exercise?

so you work like me (instead of taking the short stairs) i took a longer walking path until i got to the stairs…not much but it helped AND i went to the farther away bathroom instead of the closer one (more steps aka more walking)

you probably did not do as bad as you thought/think it could have been worse…

HALF the battle is the THINKING

so be honest

how did you do today?


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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4 Responses to be honest

  1. dcarmack says:

    This morning I had two eggs and two sausage patties. For lunch I ate a 16 ounce ribeye–just meat, no veggies or sides, tonight I’ll est a bound of smoked sausage. Nothing else. Just meat all day long. I will lose a slight amount of weight. I’ll drink a quart of water. I’ll have three cups of coffee. I do it every day. I gradually lose weight.

  2. I’m doing the opposite of dcarmack…all fruits and veg! I’m also losing weight, and I did really well today, thank you for asking! How did you do?

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