words can and do hurt

today i want to talk about words…not ones said to you by someone else…but the words we say to ourselves..am i the only one who looks in the mirror and says vile things to her reflection?

the things i say to myself i would NOT ever say to anyone else…i would NEVER call anyone fat or say you suck as a person or how could you and you are worthless etc..pig or cow

not only must our attitude change but its how we talk to ourselves..why do we do it? i have no idea..but i do try not too..i do try to look in the mirror and not make a nasty ugly face at myself and i do try NOT to say you are such a cow..but if i having a bad day or hating my life or PMS’ing or mad at hub or whatever, i am quick to jump right on that band wagon to hatred towards myself.

i still hate what i did to myself…aka spending my entire adult life obese and then super morbid obese…sure i can put it past me and behind me but forgiveness is something i struggle with in alot of areas in my life..i find that i am not alone in that…i will try to imagine me saying that to a person who has asked me for support…and would i say that to them..absolutely NOT…

so how about (we)….me and you treat ourselves a little bit nicer..
as we all know, that words do hurt..even if they come from ourselves..to ourselves..

so let us all try HARD not to say mean things to anyone…and please please…do not say mean things to yourself…

…i will try if you do…



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3 Responses to words can and do hurt

  1. cherished79 says:

    Well written, and yes I still stand in the front of the mirror and criticize the hell out of me. Even if you lose weight, there is something that just isn’t right. Can’t win.

  2. Ella says:

    I do this alot, always saying horrible things to myself alot of the time without even realising. It is so easy to get into negative cycles like this!

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