the inside and the outside

what you see in the mirror is look at you and say, you are wonderful and you know what are..i swear it..unless you hurt kids or animals and then i hope you die quickly and painfully

the reflection you see is only the outside
sure it is important but the person on the inside is who should matter
the world is hateful to bigger people..its a fact…a form of racism that is still allowed to exist in my opinion..fat people and fat jokes HAHAHA

i have heard them
i have been moo’d at
its not nice
and it hurts

i still get some hurtful comments even from those closest to me and who love me..i am a easy target to hurt..judge my appearance and say i am fat and well, you hit your target..

its my inside that matters
too bad i cant see the outside others can of me
hub always says i am sexy and hot..does he just say that to appease me?
or does he say it to make me feel better??

BUT what if its true?
well, that is nice also

YOU be you as you are gorgeous
i looked in the mirror a bit ago
sure i am nearly 50
no grey as i dye my hair 🙂
but i know its there
i am not skinny and never ever will be
but i am healthier than i use to be
and what matters is living life and enjoying it

no matter what the number on scale or pants say


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to the inside and the outside

  1. V says:

    i love that photo of the kitty. i’ve actually had it framed up next to my bathroom mirror for years – i love it when it was in my grandpa’s house and he left it to me when he died. think he wanted me to remember the message

    • and if that message helps/supports you, then i say use it..your grandpa sounds like he was a wonderful are so lucky..i look in the mirror and see an elephant i am afraid..i need to work on that image 🙂

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