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It is YOUR attitude

dont walk around with your head down…shoulders bowed in defeat..dont YOU dare do that..you put on some make up , put on some high heels (or shoes YOU think make you feel/look sexy)…you put on some clothes that do the same…YOU walk in a room or a store or at work like YOU own the fucking place..it does NOT matter what size you are….big or small…..it is how you carry yourself.

I am a big girl..yeah so what…read that again..so the fuck what

i wear high heels, i tan, i do make up and my hair and get my nails done..i wear things that i like (some may go OMG how can she wear that.) BUT it is how i wear it….not just the actual having them on my body…..but how I am wearing it..

walk with your head UP

look people in the eye

YOU are beautiful right this very second..big or small

i  love rupaul…..and i agree with what she says…

**if you cant love yourself how the hell can you love someone else**


11 thoughts on “It is YOUR attitude

  1. I love everything about this post and it’s exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been so stressed about dieting…because I haven’t lost weight in a month!

    But I’m starting to think “Maybe the size i’m at right now, is exactly where I’m supposed to be…” I like what I see in the mirror, so maybe that should be enough.

    • so what…so you have lost..does that mean you are banished to the depths of hell?? NO..it doesnt mean a thing..inches lost mean more than scale numbers..if you are losing clothes size..then its working..YOU are gorgeous right now..i still see a super morbid obese disgusting cow when i look in the mirror…you are not alone..dieting dont work so stop doing it…please visit again soon…let me hear from you

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