so how is it going?

things are going okay with me. i have a lingering cough but def getting my voice back. if my cough is still around in a couple days, i may end up going back to the doctor to have them have a looksee.

well, as i wrote monday, i am making an EFFORT to eat better…and i can you ask? not by the scale as you know i dont own one but by body cleaning out…yes TMI but that is what happens when you eat junk and then stop, it sorta goes WTF was that and BOFF, lets get rid it it…trust me those 84 steps to the bathroom one way is far when you gotta go..haha

i am drinking a lot…today my fluid intake is not up to where i need it to be but i will work on it..some days i go over my 96oz and some days i come up short..its simple, drink when thirsty and eat when truly hungry.

picture a baby

cries when he is hungry and then when he has enough, he turns his head
even a baby can say enough when full

and so what, so can you

i had help and got WLS to help me do that as i was super morbid obese
and would eat until there was no more food…i fed myself fat…i was beyond FAT
so this surgery DOES help me eat less…it tells me when i had enough..

now up to me to choose to eat better food choices/options

dont over think it
make a wee change here and there

choose fresh vs a boxed item
choose water or a crystal light item vs soda

you CAN do it
you can

yes you can

so, how is it going?

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to so how is it going?

  1. nakegrape says:

    Awesome read great job looking amazing i hope to be there someday 🙂 you rock

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