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Am I the ONLY one who thinks this way…

i admit, the last months i have not really (ate the best choices/options) and i own it…and yes, i can tell by myself being sluggish and some pants (tighter)..

i dont consider myself a failure but i am kinda disappointed in myself. WLS will NOT make the food choices for me or you if you went that route as i did…and 3500 calories is a pound ATE or DRANK…and if i (me/you) take in mor calories than one burns off..guess what??

now i am NOT a doctor. I am merely speaking from my own life time yo-yo’ing ups and downs in weight loss…i am now happy where i am…except when i look in the mirror, i have some big thighs/saggy stomach…due to my super morbid obese size before WLS…

my INS denied me having skin surgery which well, what can one do. i dont have 8000 dollars to spend that is laying around so i have to accept me as is….and i hate how i look in the mirror…am i the only one who thinks this way??

all we can do is the best we can today
to eat as clean/healthy as we can and to move

yesterday, not only did hub and me go riding but i went for walk
yes i most certainly did..and today i feel my thighs remembering just how steep that incline was….and it feels GREAT …remember repeat for best results.


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