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march 15th

today was the first time in about 6 days that i feel better…i still have a cough esp if i move around alot and i still have a voice that sounds like its a 13 yr old boy whose voice is breaking but i feel better..

i went out a bit ago to go tan and it felt good to get out…our mc club had a party last night and i did not go..i just didnt feel up to it..and me being me, was concerned everyone would hate me or even worse, not miss me..but hub said there is all spring/summer/fall to see these people…as you know, call me miss insecurity

hub is doing well with his dads passing..his mom doing better than i thought about it all…i guess when you see a 6’6, 300 pound man crawling off the bed, crying and not in his mind, you want it to stop..no one should live this way..i wont allow my hub to be that way and i asked hub to not allow that to be me..

all in all. life is life…how is yours?


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