Life is difficult

I came across this blog post and read it a couple time this morning. Please take a moment to read/understand these words. Accept and confront hit me with a wowsa this morning..excellent post and excellent BLOG

shut up & get up

66615_10200585926309184_190917073_nLife is difficult !!!

How often have we heard this phrase and Believe me, it’s one of the most important truth of life. However what is  important for us is to truly understand and accept this truth and soon you will realise that life is no longer difficult after all. Acceptance of the truth that life is difficult is the first step in overcoming the difficulties of life.

How often we have heard people lamenting Oh! I had such a bad day, Why me ! Why all bad luck is in my share  and so on so forth.Many a times in my life too I must have cribbed as to how things are not happening just the way I would have preferred them to. But soon I realised that this cribbing and complaining didn’t solve my problems, On the contrary it was compounding them. I was becoming more grumpy…

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