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whats eating you?

just finished my lunch….what did you have i wonder? care to share ?

i am boring person who enjoys eating the same things over and over..

BUT hub makes me tuna (i dont do fish btw) so i can get my protein allotment..my dr said for me to be 75+ per day..

**(remember doctors vary per patient so its best to ALWAYS do what YOUR doctor says)**

so i had my 4 oz (or thereabouts) of tuna mixed w/some mayo

i had about 10 or 12 cut green beans (steamed)

and some applesauce

it was filling

it was good

and the best part, it was and is good for me/nourishment wise

ALWAYS remember to drink

i drink all the time..i aim for 96+ oz per day..

but do what works for YOU

eat as clean as we can (non processed/boxed items)

drink (stay hyrdated)

and MOVE (no matter how little)


because what we do today is what matters..not yesterday and not tomorrow…..but TODAY




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