whats eating you?

just finished my lunch….what did you have i wonder? care to share ?

i am boring person who enjoys eating the same things over and over..

BUT hub makes me tuna (i dont do fish btw) so i can get my protein allotment..my dr said for me to be 75+ per day..

**(remember doctors vary per patient so its best to ALWAYS do what YOUR doctor says)**

so i had my 4 oz (or thereabouts) of tuna mixed w/some mayo

i had about 10 or 12 cut green beans (steamed)

and some applesauce

it was filling

it was good

and the best part, it was and is good for me/nourishment wise

ALWAYS remember to drink

i drink all the time..i aim for 96+ oz per day..

but do what works for YOU

eat as clean as we can (non processed/boxed items)

drink (stay hyrdated)

and MOVE (no matter how little)


because what we do today is what matters..not yesterday and not tomorrow…..but TODAY



About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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