sick and sad

with all the things going on, wouldnt you know i would come down with a severe allergy attack (had to go to dr on sunday (day before funeral) and also a gnarly head cold as the dr said…so here i am ..with a voice that makes me sound like i have been a heavy chain smoker for 60 yrs and a head ache that wont stop…..they gave me drops for my eyes due to allergies..i mean they were swollen/red/crusty….can you say i was a looker??? NOT

hub is doing well as is his momma considering the situation..when you see the deterioration during the last two weeks, you are somewhat relieved when all that hurting is over…..if that makes me bad to say it, then so be it..but its what i feel.

so i am back to is going on..i cant explain it but i feel very sad today…



About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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