If you eat more calories

(liquid or real food)

than burn off (via exercise and living),

you will gain weight or not lose..





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6 Responses to Truth

  1. dcarmack says:

    That explanation does not hold up in the lab. Here is why we get fat…Forty years ago, none of this was controversial—and the facts have not changed since then. Insulin works to deposit calories as fat and to inhibit the use of that fat for fuel. Dietary carbohydrates are required to allow this fat storage to occur. Since glucose is the primary stimulator of insulin secretion, the more carbohydrates consumed— or the more refined the carbohydrates— the greater the insulin secretion, and thus the greater the accumulation of fat. “Carbohydrate is driving insulin is driving fat,” as the Harvard endocrinologist George Cahill recently summed it up.

    Taubes, Gary (2007-09-25). Good Calories, Bad Calories (Kindle Locations 7974-7978). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

    • maybe to you and i respect your opinions and views. but i got fat bc i ate too much fast food and drink cases of beer and sat my fat ass on couch and didnt move. 🙂

      i am eating to lose weight by choosing better options and exercising and yes, my WLS of choice helps me with volume and i as i love to eat. you dont get to nearly 400 pounds by eating lettuce..

      what i want is simple.. better health is what i am after and continue to be able to walk..

      • dcarmack says:

        From what I am reading being lethargic, excessive hunger and gaining weight are a symptom of carbohydrate consumption. From your description, i would say the beer and the buns on your fast foods caused your hunger, lethargy and other symptoms. I am no professional, but I am actually conducting an experiment right now on eating nothing but meats for the rest of the month. I am confident that if the meats I eat are raised naturally ( I have friends that hobby farm beef and pork) then I will get all of the nutrition I need passed up the food chain to me from them. I am going to blog every day about my experience, just as you do yours. I only comment when I see the conventional wisdom of ‘energy balance’ used by someone trying to gain control of their body chemistry. I recommend again, for your readers that follow these comments, that you read “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes. It’s not a diet book, its an investigative journalism book of how we ended up getting such bad advice on diet over the years. The conventional advice has always been known to have a low success rate, of around one percent. When it invariably failed then the blame was put on the patient for not having sufficient willpower to work more and or eat less. The blame rests on the dietary advice. Anyway, I respect your views and opinions, also, but I hate to see anyone hating on themselves because they believe the blame rests on them, when in fact, it does not. By all means exercise as often as you can, because there are benefits to that way more important than the effects on weight. Join me over at and see how my daily experience is with zero carbs for a month.

      • i wish i didnt hate me. ….i owe some of that to my mom but that is another story….

      • dcarmack says:

        I was going to hit the like button but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wish you didn’t hate you, too. You are making your world a better place by spreading your message, not many do that.

      • OMGoodness. that was so very sweet of you to say that..i do hate me..even more so lately because i just cant seem to get my shit straight/together…..i feel and seem to be such a failure

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