Lost 8 pounds and dr’s report

wow…i was surprised and relieved and thankful
i was more happy to see my fluro xray turn out to be (fine) about my recent 4x throwing up incident. lap banders should not throw at all..and if you do, then let the dr know and have them advise you…i am very happy to know my band is fine

***having the band should not hurt…if you hurt, have pain, vomit, slime/feel sick, or have concerns of any kind with any WLS..pick up the phone and call your doctor**

here is the xray of my lap band and plication during an xray with barium swallow.

the spine is important…if the esophagus is as wide as the spine, then it is stretching out and can/could lead to inflation of the pouch. you always want to make sure you have a nice little line where the spine is highly visible..this was explained to me by my dr.

where i wrote restriction is where the band it around the esophagus..its very narrow
that is the restriction..you can see it..the liquid/food should pass through but slowly..
you can see the tornado like tunnel go all the way through..that is the barium swallow making its journey…at the bottom is my stomach and plication (the stomach is folded/sewn) to make a sleeve like shape/form..(similiar to the sleeve but no cutting)…it is small and it does tell me when i had enough..it gives me a fullness and if i eat more than my allotment, it is uncomfortable. it does not hurt..

the band will help you and me eat less…..HOWEVER…and this is key and what is forgotten and even by yours truely…..IT WILL NOT DECIDE WHAT WE EAT..that is up to us..yes we choose what we eat or do not eat and if we exercise or not ..can you pick up what i am throwing down??

so i ask the doctor for a slight fill…he said no..i said why?? he said you lost weight..you do not need a fill. if you did not lose today or gained, then we would have got a fill…he said the last fill i got and by ME eating better and i admit i have been (all the while my WLS letting me know when enough is enough)….has helped me lose and when i go back next month, if i gain or not lose THEN we can consider another small fill.

he stressed eating…exercising and giving myself a break in how i think of myself (a failure)..i have told people to fail means to quit or give up..i have not done that..so i am not a failure but at times i sure do feel like it…none of us are failures..not a one of us…

so i am hoping the next time, i can have a loss as ANY loss counts…


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One Response to Lost 8 pounds and dr’s report

  1. Eye Candy says:

    Love the comment, a failure is someone who gives up. I gained but have not given up. Thank you CG!!!
    You are doing great, STOP, being so hard on yourself. Go for a walk with Kobo and ‘K’. Today it’s 35 and I wore a sweatshirt and down vest and was warm. So you have no excuse to go for a walk.
    Love you!!

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