first time for everything

last wednesday around midnight, i got up and i threw up about 4 times

i havent felt good in about a week and well, it was the first time since i had WLS that i threw up
and anyone having a lap band knows it is not a good thing to throw up as it could cause a slip band and other issues….so yeah, i was/am worried..

i stayed home from work thursday as i felt awful (head hurts…still does) and called and told the nurse what happened..she said if i was having issues swallowing, to come on in for an fluro…i have an appt tuesday so i figured i would just wait it out and see what happens when i go..

she told me to use common sense…soft/liquids for the next day and to just take it easy
and so far so good…

hub has been sick to his stomach also (#2) and well, i guess it it just a bug of some sort…i advise all WLS patients to stay close to their doctor and let them know what is going on all the time..good and also bad..

who knows, maybe i will get another little fill….we will see what the dr says about that too
we are expecting a snow storm of sorts monday into tuesday so i hope i can still make my appt.


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