just doing it..

it boils down to you (and myself) just doing it..we either do or we dont..

its pretty damn simple..if one REALLY wants to, they will..i had WLS to help me eat less as i was a over eater who wanted 4th and 5th helpings and then kept on eating..i still want too but i cannot physically..

so do what we have to do is hard
its a day in and a day out type thing
stress is playing with me and making me CRAZY

hub is barking at me and i know he does not mean too but his words bite
and then i feel bad as i know what he is going through (somewhat)..i am trying to be there for him but its hard to see him go through this..his parents have never been in the best of health..his dad was diabetic and never ate properly (to aid his ailment) and now he is paying the price for that and the the cancer….his mom smoked liked a chimney and now is on oxygen 24/7 for bad lungs…and his sister died in 99 weighed about 700 pounds so you can see some of the issues his family has dealt with..

my hub was and is an enabler..
he brought me the wrong foods when i was super morbid obese and i bet he would still
his parents aided his sister that very same way…and his compassion to not see her as a fat ass made me love him even more…..

why it is so hard to witness this
my parents smoked horribly and both are now passed
but my parents were so unhappy in their lives and i was just telling my friend eye candy that so are his parents..i so do NOT want to leave this world being so unhappy in my life.. sure i have happiness and i have sadness but i do want to be happy

it seems lately everything i do or say is wrong
and i end up wishing i could eat a xxlarge pizza and drink a case of beer
of course i cant and of course i wont but that feeling to want to is there
day in and day out sometimes..

just doing it is the ONLY way we can get on with living and life
it is not going to stop…the worlds headlines are horrible..i believe we need to take action against those monsters and enemies who kill people as those people want to kill us all also…i am not religious but i am def for that saying EYE for an EYE..

life is life
we only have one..
we can only make the best of what we have today..this moment in time
so what if you overate or ate the not so great choiced foods..so fucking what
the world wont stop just because you ate a piece of pie or because i went and ate more french fries or because i had 2 glasses of wine…

if we dont do (as well as we need to) aka healthier choices or not exercising
then just do better today….and get on with it..

what is it that michael jordan says (and that shoe says)…just do it..

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  1. threehourdiet says:

    Hang in there!

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