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Where have I been and hospice

sorry to be out of touch with my blog posts

but my father in law who has been very ill with cancer, we just found out
that it is now terminal and has spread to his liver/kidneys/prostate and now
hospice has been called in..they do not know how much longer but after seeing him yesterday, he seemed to have lost 25 pounds since the christmas pictures i took..

and in between seeing them, we are trying to declutter/de-hoard his parents home.
his mom was a hoarder and the house is well in shambles..so we have been tossing out trash/junk and trying to see if anything is of value. we have took much clothes/sheets to the good will (about 20 super sized trash bags worth) at last count from sat/sun alone and about that many in pure trash..

so at the moment, hub is struggling with getting everything together/ready
so many things to do and it seems not enough time..

and i could say my work is stressful and it is and it does get to me every damn day it seems and i try hard to hold it all together..the only good thing i can say is that my lap band wont let me do a lot of damage food amount wise…

so in the coming weeks/months, i may not post as much but i am here and i will post when i am able to


14 thoughts on “Where have I been and hospice

      • I had a similar sitaution with my mother in law a few years back. Aside from all of the different parts in motion, we felt so helpless for my mother in law. It was a whirlwind and afterwards, we were all exhausted emotionally and physically. It’s a tough road ahead, but these are times when friends and family pull together to get each other through.

        Take care,


    • yes mam….its hard..i feel like i am in a plastic tub and trying to climb up the sides and not making any progress…and if i do have these overwhelming feelings, i feel so guilty as his parents and many others in the world are so much worse off then myself…..i appreciate your kind words..

      • That’s a really good way to describe it … trying to climb out of a plastic tub.

        I’ve been where you are now. I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed and the guilt … always the guilt.

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