you are not dumb…dont blame the food

i read time and time again on several WLS forums people asking what can i eat…can i eat this and is it okay to eat that…or can i drink this or that or it hurts should i call the doctor…..i mean…..REALLY???

the dr SHOULD have given you rules/instructions before surgery and after surgery
IF not, then shame on them…and pick up your car keys, go to their office and get those instructions..for best results, FOLLOW your doctors instructions/advice for best results

use common sense..we are not dumb…we know the difference between not such great choices of food (aka fast food, potato chips…etc) and healthier selections (fresh fruit, veggies, protein..) so its not rocket science….its okay to EAT…we are not on a diet after WLS..this is why we had WLS in the first place to help us eat LESS..but it is up to us to choose what we eat…dont blame the food yall…its YOU and its ME who puts it in our mouth..

if the dr and the nutritionist said to go this route with eating (choices aka protein which is fuel) then do it..if you dont like something, keep searching until you do..i dont like fish/seafood…i dont eat it…i know its good for me but fuck that..i wont eat it..see what i am trying to say???

IF you hurt or are in pain……CALL YOUR doctor..
dont ask strangers on the internet should i call my dr?? if you are asking, that means you are concerned so call YOUR doctor to ease your mind..

so in closing
eating to lose weight is not hard (but i had trouble stopping after my 3rd or 4th plateful) so had WLS to help me eat dr gave me rules/instructions to follow
for best results..up to me to follow them or not

so if they say no carbonation, then do it
so if they say do all liquids, dont ask is a pizza okay just once
so if they say do something, its for a reason.. you are not the dr..they are

you are not dumb
you choose to have WLS (or not) and if you do, please do what they tell you
because we all got fat by doing it the incorrect way…

and do not blame the food for making you fat
you chose to eat the foods you put in your mouth
so let the WLS help you eat less (why i had it)
and it does give it a chance..give yourself a chance.

you are not dumb…do what you have to do to make it happen
and get on with it already.


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to you are not dumb…dont blame the food

  1. IreneC says:

    Thanks for liking my post. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I’ve wondered how it all worked.

  2. Bridgette's Digits 🔛 An Epic Weight Loss Journey says:

    Common sense + moderation + exercise… that’s the key. You are so correct… we are not dumb ⏩ we all know what it takes, it’s just a matter of getting it done! great observationgreat observation! ~bridgette

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