My wish to new WLS patients..

I think the WLS patient can overeat excess calories and begin to regain weight
I also think the WLS can have issues and I also think the combination of patient and WLS surgery can also cause weight gain back.

To gain weight, we must eat more calories than we can burn off. This is how I got super morbid obese. This is how everyone in the whole wide world gains weight.

I wish the newer patients would not put so much (the WLS MUST work) while I dont change a thing attitude. Some are finding that WLS is not easy and its not a miracle. It will help the person but the person must also make changes. I know that as I am talking about myself. I wanted to have WLS and be able to drink a 6 pack of beer and eat at mcdonalds day in and day out..i guess i could if i wanted but its not good for is not healthy (eating) and lets face it, why ole gal got immensely fat in the first place.

YOU have to change
YOU have to change
YOU have to want to change
ENOUGH to do something about it

just wishing or hemming or hawing about it ain’t going to do a gosh darn thing
i know this to be true as i do this all the time…

ANYHOW, reality is that losing weight is hard and having WLS will help..
this is why i had surgery

for the last 2 years i have watched what i ate and exercised (slacked off a bit)
and finally went for my first wee fill as i want the WLS to help me (more) but i know i will
also need to help it..and until the person accepts that, then its a hard fought battle

i am NOT going to give up.
i dont care about being a size 3. it is about me being able to walk
and be healthier and mobile…

and yes, to wear my 6 inch wedges..

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1 Response to My wish to new WLS patients..

  1. cherished79 says:

    That is so true about losing a lot of weight/keeping it off and WLS isn’t magic, it’s difficult and important to deal with how you got there in the first place. It wasn’t about the “food”, it was about you and your emotional ties to something. IMO.

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